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Paris quadrifolia

Paeonia mlokosewitschii

The Assortment List and the Manual

The Free Spirit Assortment List is an index for plants sold at the nursery and is updated and reprinted every March. As of 2015, this list will not be mailed out anymore but is only available as a download through your computer. Click HERE to view the latest edition. The list traditionally gets updated in late March when we finish our inventory.

Paper copies will remain available (free of charge) at the counter in the nursery.

The Free Spirit Manual, 3rd edition,
is the most helpful growing guide available, describing both the needs and behaviours of plants in our specific climate. Many folks, from rookies to experts, have commented to us that our inexpensive, no-photos manual is very useful, which encouraged us to write a new edition in which we have expanded on the original information and introduced many more plants.

The Free Spirit Manual
can be mailed to you for $ 14.00 (upon receipt of your cheque) or bought at the nursery for $ 12.00. Below is a sample page of the Manual –

If you want to see images to match the plants in the manual or list, they can almost all be found by googling the complete botanical name and adding “image”: i.e.:  Digitalis parviflora image

In addition we will have a variety of plants available at the nursery that you will not find in either list. These might be either add-ons or only available in very limited numbers.


Mail order:
As a service to our far away customers we accept mail orders. More information is available upon request. Please send your request either by fax or mail because this is a four hands operation and we need those hands outside. We send plants all over Canada. Click HERE to download a printable mail-order form.

Cash or a personal cheque for established customers, sorry, no plastic.

The Assortment List and the Manual can also be paid for in stamps, dark chocolate, free range eggs/chicken, wine, etc.

We take high pride in the guarantee that plants we sell at the nursery are true to name and correctly labeled. But mistakes are human and if something gets mixed up or if you are not totally satisfied we will gladly exchange or refund the plants in question for the invoiced value.
We consider ourselves to be realists, located in USDA hardiness zone 6 though some considered zone 7 plants thrive really well.
We are not obliged to refund plants due to causes beyond our control i.e. extreme climatic or soil conditions and wildlife damage. We advise to cover plants that are planted late fall with some (cedar) bows or fir branches when frosts and winter winds strike.

Gift certificates:
We offer beautiful card bound gift certificates in denominations of or above $ 25.00


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